by Adam M.

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released October 10, 2015

All songs written by Adam Melendez
Drums played by Bennett Emery
Mixed by Bennett Emery

Cover art by Zulma Maravilla



all rights reserved


Adam M. Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Holes
Mother face him down
How old would he be now?
Mom will we all go?
Get him out that hole

Not today

Old man, he suggests
they all live in my chest
but Ma he don't know
I saw where they go

Far away...... dirt.
Track Name: Prodigal Son
Back to my mother
Back to my father
They said they don't mind
They said they don't mind

Been chewed and spit out there
Stepped on and stuck under

It wasn't nice
It wasn't nice

Back to my mother
Back to my father
They said they don't mind
They said they don't mind

"Come in wasted stranger
Fix yourself a corner

It's only right
It's only right"
Track Name: Teeth
Call my name Innocence
don't be scared
it's just me

Hold my face
don't forget
you're not dead
I'm still me

In his mouth he plays with it
not knowing how to smile
or spit it out
he hides it there
behind teeth of denial

Call my name Innocence
you're not dead
it's just me
Track Name: Tact
Say what you wanna be
Be what you wanna say
taste it
Make it yours but be reserved
Say what needs to be said

An open line
can either breed or disturb
a shady town
It's selfish need to own Earth

Let him finish saying what he believes in
then wait
Nothing's worse than contradicting
whatever he says

He has his right
Remember he has a turn
A life turned down
He speaks of what he has learned
Track Name: Time To Confess
Heavy guilty conscience
you think you can hide it
it can be your secret
but you are not alone

Hiding it is nonsense
you'll become a regret
Sinful weak and lonely
a villain to your bones

Well I have news
I'm breaking shell
I want the world
to know something else
I think you see
I want to mend
the past and breathe in peace
if I..