by Adam M.

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released April 30, 2015

Artwork by Lisa Poloski
Sam Acchione on drums



all rights reserved


Adam M. Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: JEM
There's something special about you
Something I can prove
I haven't learned much on my own
but I've learned with you

I'm not done
I'm not one
In the sun
you're my girl

The distance has helped me lately
I'm feeling victory
Even though you're not with me
I'm with you secretly

I'm not done
I'm not one
In the sun
you're my girl
Track Name: 20 Down
Deformed feathery little reminder
Gazeless staring soul
Smeared across the road

20 down & more to go

Born from purest love
Never meant to go
Feelings in my throat
build me up with hope

20 down & more to go
Track Name: Personal
Brother what you say isn't thorough
You know
I hear what you say
I don't follow
I won't

Is it personal?
I do wonder
Who knows
Something led you here
Something stronger
It grows

Blame being human one more time
It's old
You'll get far nowhere in no time
You're bold
Track Name: Awake
You think that's all you've got
a picture or two and thoughts
of going back to her
or going back to him
but you're not

seeing all you've got
surrounding that still frame
You're a well known heroine
A mother of children
in your heart

So get up forget the pain
Yesterday's not today
You're awake you've come so far
You have changed
You're a new heart

What's your name?
Track Name: Stay
You wanna see but you won't believe yeah
You wanna hear but you wanna speak yeah
You wanna stand but you have a seat yeah
You wanna leave but you wanna see
Track Name: Sing
You don't get it
but you sing it
You say you feel it too
You don't get it
Still you read it
and you dig it too

How does that work?
I don't know you
I guess you have to sing
Yeah you gotta sing

Yeah I thought so

I guess it's all about
how it makes you feel
when it's vibing through you

It kinda makes sense
I don't know you
I guess you have to sing
Yeah you gotta sing

Yeah I thought so
Track Name: I'll Wait (Bonus Track)
Maybe I shouldn't have sent that last message
I don't know couldn't help it
Maybe you think I don't get it
I don't mind cos that's not it
I know you know I get it
I feel we're tight from a distance
Couldn't help it
I sent it to remind you my


I check my phone and I know there's no reply
I know it's right I deserve it
It's safe to say that I need it
I just hope that you're okay
I'm getting used to this
Still I'm wondering how it's been going
Hopeful that soon you will reply
even if it doesn't happen

I'll Wait